Fairtrade Churches

The Fairtrade movement was started by Christians, so it is no surprise that many churches are ‘Fairtrade churches’. This means all their tea, coffee and sugar is Fairtrade, they have pledged to move forward on using other Fairtrade products, and they AH4R9076celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight each year.

Congratulations to the following churches in Horsforth who have all achieved Fairtrade status:

  • Central Methodist Church, Town Street
  • Cragg Hill Baptist Church, Cragg Avenue
  • The Grove Methodist Church, Town Street
  • Lister Hill Baptist Church, Brownberrie Avenue
  • St. James Woodside Anglican Church, Low Lane
  • St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, Church Lane
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Broadgate Lane
  • Woodside Methodist Church, Outwood Lane

If you are part of a Fairtrade church in Horsforth and we don’t have you listed above, please let us know. Please do this too if you are a Fairtrade church and would like to push on and dream bigger for Fairtrade. Don’t battle on alone – we’re in this together!

Hot tip: If you’re from a church and you’re looking for a supplier for your Fairtrade refreshments (especially if you like your filter coffee!) you’ll struggle to find a more ethical company than Indigo Valley.

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